The Big Day is close

It looks as though the big day is about to arrive 8 days early. For months we had planned that the swim would take place on Sunday August 3rd, however the advice we took from the Merman (James Leitch) was – if  the opportunity arrises don’t let it pass –

Our opportunity is here and we are lining up our big day take place this Saturday, with a period of warm weather over the country the Loch temperature which is already pretty high will continue to rise or at worst stay the same at around the 16-18 degree mark. The forecast for Saturday looks reasonably calm and if anything there will be a slight wind assistance from the North (and less helpful the West), which will give us some assistance.

So how do i feel? I have just been asked this by my son, I honestly don’t know. On one hand i’m so excited that the day is upon us and i can accept my challenge fully, but on the other hand its a huge step into the unknown. I need to reiterate the fact i’m not a swimmer, this is so far out of my comfort zone and i have never swam more than 12 miles in one day. There aren’t any other swimmers of my standard who have done  this challenge so i can’t buy them a coffee to get advice.

I think  i’m excited, confident but very aware that i need to treat the lady with total respect or she will chew me up and spit me out.

We will be watching the weather again for the rest of the week however the provisional plan is to leave Ardlui (North) at 5am this Saturday 26th July to swim south and finish at Balloch at a predicted time of approx 7-9pm with a swim time of approx 14-16 hours

Bring it on!!!

My Office wall - constant motivation

My Office wall – constant motivation