About Me

What can i say about myself? I was consumed by sport at a very young age, engulfed in spending every minute of every hour participating in anything available that involved a pair of trainers and physical exhaustion.

I moved into professional football at the age of 17, i was better at long distance running and volleyball however football was a career. 17 years later i retired and needed a life goal. Marathon’s bored me. August 7th 2011 i became an Ironman, August 8th 2011 i began a battle with depression, Ironman turns a compulsory mirror on yourself and ensures you examine every detail of your own life.

I’m a happily married man with 3 fantastic children, Ironman taught me to appreciate everything i have.

2013 i’m now confident that i am through this dark era, only now am i able to fully discover another “bucket list” challenge – That vision is simple, Loch Lomond is stunning, it is my Nirvana, there is something mystical and magical about this great Loch.

August 2014 i have decided to swim it, i’m not a swimmer! i have fallen in love with open water swimming since training for the Ironman and now i want a challenge. The record is 9 hours and 13 minutes, i wont be anywhere underneath 14 hours, but who cares – Ardlui to Balloch = 24 miles = one day – Bring it on!!

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