About Me

What can i say about myself? I was consumed by sport at a very young age, engulfed in spending every minute of every hour participating in anything available that involved a pair of trainers and physical exhaustion.

I moved into professional football at the age of 17, I was better at long distance running and volleyball however football was a career. 17 years later i retired and needed a life goal. Marathons bored me. August 7th 2011 I became an Ironman, August 8th 2011 I began a battle with depression, Ironman turns a compulsory mirror on yourself and ensures you examine every detail of your own life.

I have 3 fantastic children, I have a successful career and have been healthy, Ironman taught me to appreciate everything I have.

I signed up to many endurance challenges post Regensburg Ironman in 2011, including a second IM in Copenhagen in 2016. In August 2014 I decided to swim Loch Lomond, 24 miles and a huge tick from my bucket list – I was not a swimmer! However loved the challenge

Now in 2023 I have signed up to complete the Giro D’Italia 2 days before the pro’s. This is one of the grand tours and in many peoples eyes it is seen as the hardest due to the geography and the early slot in the calendar and the weather that brings especially in the dolomites. In short this is the Tour de France of Italy, so basically a loop of Italy

  • 21 stages over 23 Days covering 3,449 kilometres = 2,143 miles
  • Ave of 164 km per day = 102 miles per day
  • 51,300 metres of climbing which is the equivalent of ascending Mount Everest SIX Times

Can’t wait for the challenge and the training began in May 2022 – hopefully you can enjoy following my journey 🇮🇹🚴🏔️

I will be raising money for a worthy cause which can be found on the following page


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