Swim or Sin?

Sitting like a sardine on the usual chaotic but cheap(ish) Ryanair flight to Barcelona, wondering if I will be able to extend my open water swimming season to a few dips in the Med.
This seems like an exciting option especially after deciding not to get back in Loch Lomond this year due to a number of factors; the darkening mornings, the plummeting temperatures and the one lane rush hour roadworks on the Erskine Bridge. So ideal that I find an opportunity to pack the budgie smugglers and my goggles for a couple of last ditch open water swims in a hopefully warmer climate.
There is always a huge issue though and one that could jeopardise my plans, and it’s nothing to do with the threatening wildlife that may take a nosey at me thrashing about pretending to be a decent swimmer, no it’s much more serious than that;
It’s an issue that was set by my mum before she passed away in February, the bar opens around 11am everyday in the “casita de Vinaros”
Therefore can I refrain from the vino tinto and a wee cerveza por favor or do I just say sod it – August is 10 months away and my core training is on track for now and ensure we toast my mums tradition and remember her every morning with a small refreshment and a clink of glasses